Afterschool Science Club Application Form

This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to enrol their child in one of our science clubs without using our online payment system.

Completion of this form does not guarantee a place. On receipt of the form we will advise you if there is availability and send you an invoice detailing payment methods. If there is no place available we will notify you by email.


Afterschool clubs are typically 50-60 minutes long. Details for each school’s club can be found on our website.

Below is some information about the clubs and what the children need to bring with them.

Should you wish to contact us at any stage you can email:
or you can phone us at the office on: 040440563.

Science Snacks:

We have found that in all our afterschool clubs the children are often hungry after school and find it hard to concentrate. We recommend that everyone brings a science snack to eat at the beginning of science club while the teacher is introducing the science experiment.

Science Coats and Safety Glasses:

Sometimes our experiments can be a little bit messy in Science Club. To protect everyone’s clothes and school uniforms we recommend that every scientist brings in an old large t-shirt that they can pull on over the clothes that they are wearing. Alternatively, if you wish, you can buy a children size science lab coat from us for a cost of €20. Similarly we recommend that safety glasses are worn while carrying out the experiments. If you have safety glasses at home, please bring them along, alternatively you can purchase safety glasses from us for €5. Please contact us if you would like to place an order for either a lab coat or safety glasses. If you have already placed an order it will be handed out on the first day of Science Club.

Please let us know about allergies, educational and dietary needs. We dont feed the children but often we use food items in our experiments as for most they are safe materials to work with. If there is a child with an allergy in the group then we replace the allergen with another material or in some cases replace the entire activity.

We want everyone to enjoy science so if your child has any additional needs please do let us know so we can do our best to create a comfortable environment for everyone.
  • Club Details

  • We aim to have a few simple rules which everyone can understand. These are as follows:

    Instructions from the leaders must be obeyed.

    Everyone must be safety conscious at all times.

    No one is allowed to leave the venue without permission from the leaders.

  • Cancellation by Customer - Ongoing clubs

    Where the customer changes their mind in advance of the term starting a refund will be issued minus an administration fee of €30.

    If a child is unable to attend due to illness we try to accommodate the child at an online class in the same week.

    In the event of a red weather warning, closure due to Covid-19  or other force majeure any classes that are unable to go ahead in the venue will be held at the regular time in our Zoom classroom.

    If we have to cancel a class for other reasons the class will be  rescheduled.

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