Christine Campbell Managing Director

Our aim is to provide an environment where children, their parents and teachers discover through active learning, laboratory experiments, workshops, demonstrations, play and exhibitions, that science is fun and interesting.

As part of our safety policy and in accordance with our insurance requirements, all our experiments are risk assessed and appropriate controls are in place.

At Anyone 4 Science we recognise that the protection and welfare of children is of paramount importance. We practise safe recruitment. Our child protection policy requires that all leaders are Garda vetted.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed experimenting. As a child making perfume from my mum’s good roses to learning about chromatography in primary school- this was what I enjoyed.

I also had a dream to be a teacher so I left school and went to college to study chemistry, physics and maths thinking I would become a science teacher.

The excitement of manufacturing industry grabbed my attention and I took up a position as process technologist with Cadbury Ireland. I worked in the food and the chemical industry in various technical and managerial positions for a number of years.

Having my own children rekindled my passion for education. I qualified as a Montessori teacher, a computer trainer and as a trainer for trainers.

In 2005 I decided to combine my passion for education with my passion for science and Anyone 4 Science was born. My children and their friends loved doing experiments with me at home. I felt confident that there were many other children who would enjoy these activities and that by awakening their interest in science it would increase the likelihood of them continuing to study and perhaps work in the field of science – something that is required for our national economy to be successful into the future.

I really enjoy working with the children and the leaders. It is so satisfying to see the children’s faces when they discover something new to them.