During the current period of school closures Anyone 4 Science is running daily activities for your children. See details below

At the moment, Anyone 4 Science clubs and camps are allonline. We offer school visits, science clubs, themed workshops and camps.  For these activities we will send you the key materials you need to join us doing fun hands on experiments either in school or at home!

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big-icon-2Science during School Closures
Each day the schools are closed we are running online science activities. We have sessions at 10:00, 11:00 and 13:30. You need to supply all materials from home.

From Feb 22 we plan to split each group by age.

Feb 22 - 26 - David Walliams themed week. Click here to book the full week.

Monday February 22 - Gangsta Granny CSI fun. Click here to book  
Tuesday February 23 - Escape with Grandpa. Click here to book  
Wednesday February 24 - Slime David Walliams style. Click here to book  
Thursday February 25 - Science with Mr Stink. Click here to book  
Friday February 26 - All about teeth with the Demon Dentist. Click here to book

Engineers Week March 1 - 5. Click here to book the full week

Monday March 1 Make your own maze. Click here to book  
Tuesday March 2 - Magic Optical Illusions Click here to book  
Wednesday March 3 - Marble Run making. Click here to book  
Thursday March 4 - Make a Water Wheel. Click here to book  
Friday March 5 -Fun with reading and colours. Click here to book. 

big-icon-3Other Afternoon Activities

March 1 - 5 we are running a week of engineering construction activities aimed at slightly older children and those who enjoy model making. Classes will run from 3pm each day. Cost €12 per activity. This includes your kit. There is no shipping charge for these workshops

To book all 5 workshops for €54 please click here

Monday Mar 1 - Make a crane
Tuesday Mar 2 - Make a Merry go round
Wednesday Mar 3 - Make a drawbridge
Thursday Mar 4 - Make a chairoplane ride
Friday Mar 5 - Make a pneumatic truck

March 8 - 12 we are running a Harry Potter afternoon camp. Camp will run from 3.00 - 5.00pm with 2 experiments per day. Kits will be send to you in advance so you have all the key materials. The cost for the 10 sessions with kit is €100 plus postage of €4. Click here for more information and to book

For those of you who would like to book single days you may do so for €22 per day including the kit. There is no charge for postage.

Monday - Find out if you are magic or muggle, make your own wand and do some divination. Click here to book.

Tuesday - Herbology and care of magical creatures lessons. Click here to book.

Wednesday - Make your own battery operated torch complete with switch so you can see in the dark Hogwarts's corridors. This will be followed by a potions class. Click here to book.

Thursday - You will need to see around corners at Hogwarts so we are going to make periscopes. This will be followed by a class about shrinking and stretching spells. Click here to book.

Friday is about freezing charms and learning how to make things fly. Click here to book.


big-icon-1 Easter Camp – coming soon



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