Anyone 4 Science is currently running in venue and online activities in line with all govt. Covid 19 guidelines.

We offer school visits, science clubs, themed workshops and camps.  For virtual activities we will send you the key materials you need to join us doing fun hands on experiments either in school or at home!

We have reduced the numbers attending in venue events in line with government guidelines

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big-icon-1Space Week runs from October 4 – 10. Join us for our Facebook Live Astronaut’s Dinner on Friday 9th at 6.00pm.
Book your dinner kit by Wed Oct 7. We will send you a pack containing soup, meat, potato and veg and a chocolate drink. We will guide you through the preparation via Facebook Live on Friday 9th at 6pm


big-icon-2Maths Week runs from October 10 – 18. Join us for our Zoom mind reading maths workshop on Friday 16 at 6pm.
Book by noon on Oct 16. No kit required. Just bring along a sheet of paper, ruler, scissors and a pen or pencil.


big-icon-3Bioeconomy Week runs from October 19-23. Join us for a series of online  hands-on workshops on Tuesday October 20 from 4pm.
Book by noon on October 20 and you will receive a list of the materials you need to bring along to fully participate,

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