Autumn Term Clubs 2021

Online via Zoom

Monday 4pm                 Sep 06 - Dec 13          More Info. 

Wednesday 11am        Sep 08 - Dec 15          More Info. 

Wednesday 5pm          Sep 08 - Dec 15          More Info. 

Thursday 4pm              Sep 09 - Dec 16          More Info. 

Friday 4pm                   Sep 10 - Dec 17          More Info. 

All clubs are suitable for children from 7 - 12/13 years.
Clubs maybe sub divided by age.
The Wednesday morning club is ideal for home schooled children.
This term we are offering 3 options for families
Option 1 Each child is booked, receives their own kit and can log on on their individual device. Multiple booking discounts apply.
Option 2 One booking per family. One person is booked and one kit is supplied. Family members may share the kit on one connection.
Option 3 One child is booked at the standard rate and kits only are ordered for additional children. The family joins on one connection but each child has their own kit and can fully participate.

In Person Clubs

Dublin & Wicklow

Donnycarney   Thursday 3:30pm        Sep 09 - Dec 16          More Info. 

Donnycarney  Thursday 4:30pm         Sep 09 - Dec 16          More Info. 

Santry               Tuesday 5:00pm          Sep 07 - Dec 14          More Info. 

Firhouse           Thursday 3:30pm        Sep 09 - Dec 16          More Info. 

Wicklow           Wednesday 1:40pm     Sep 08 - Dec 15          More Info. 


This term's activities:

Geology, Chemistry & more.....

This term we will start with 6 weeks of geology experiments. You will learn about and make models of the different rock types. You will learn about volcanos and Geysers. You will learn about amber. You will make a model of our planet compete with core, mantle and crust.

We will then move on to 6 chemistry lessons. This term will focus on the elements. We have selected 6 elements and each week you will learn about and do an experiment relating to one.

In the final 2 weeks of the term you will make some science gifts. You can give them to someone for Christmas or just have a little treat for yourself.