Below you will find a list of the various workshops that we offering for both In Person and Online delivery. If you book for online delivery we send you a pack of all the materials you will need for each child in your class to participate. At the pre arranged time you sign into our Zoom meeting and our scientist will lead the workshop.

Parents or Parents' Associations might like to book one of our workshops as a treat for their child's class. You might even book one of our workshops for your child's class instead of a birthday party.

Please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

Colourful Science



JI - 2nd class



In this workshop the children are introduced to pipettes and how to use them to transfer and measure liquids. There is a series of structured activities that the children do followed by some time for free experimentation.

XYZ Mystery 

acid / base workshop



2nd - 4th class



In this workshop the children are given 3 mystery liquids. Using pipettes they make 3 potions. They then add indicator to all 3. What happens? Why? What were the liquids? In the explanation the children are introduced to acid base chemistry and indicators.

Pharmaceutical Technician Workshop


5th - 6th class


In this workshop the children become technicians working in the laboratory of a pharmaceutical factory. This factory makes ointment for wasp stings. Their task is to test the ointment to establish how much ointment is required to “fix” the sting. The children are introduced to the concepts of making a control sample, acid base chemistry and titrations and get an idea of what working in a laboratory would be like.

Focus on Forces


3rd - 6th class


In this workshop the children make a force meter and test the strength of jelly sweets. They learn about pulling forces, fair testing, repeatable and reliable testing and how incredibly strong jelly sweets are.

Colourful Chemistry

Separating colours using chromatography



1st - 6th class



In this workshop the children consider secondary colours and the possibility of separating them back to their original primary colours.

The children use their new chromatography skill to investigate the dyes used by food manufacturers in products such as Skittles

CSI Murder Mystery



5th & 6th also

1st - 3rd yr



In this workshop the children are introduced to crime scene investigations from the point of view of the forensic scientist. They are taught 2 tests frequently carried out by forensic scientists and then use these tests to test the inks and soils from a crime scene and 6 suspects. Using their test results can they work out who did it?

Make an Astronaut’s Dinner



3rd – 6th class



In this workshop the children learn about the space programme, the history of the international space station and about life on it. Food suitable for taking to space was very different to that eaten by most families at the time of the first space missions. The children all make a dinner suitable for astronauts including soup, fish, veg and potatoes and a tasty dessert.

Mind Reading Maths



1st – 6th class

1st – 2nd year



In this workshop we have some fun with maths. Using our special cards we can read everyone’s minds. The children then all make their own mind reading cards. With the older children we explain the maths behind the numbers on each card and do some logic puzzles.

Geodesic Dome



1st yr - TY



In this architectural maths workshop the students work in teams and using paper build a dome that has a great strength to weight ratio. The students can even get into the dome when it is completed.

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