Primary Demonstration Lectures

Most of our demonstration lectures are suitable for 3rd to 6th classes and can be presented to groups of up to 120 children. A number of children will be picked from the audience to assist with the experiments. Each lecture lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Fantastic Physics part 1 and Fantastic physics the sequel are both presented with age appropriate content and experiments for Junior infants through to 6th class.

Choose from the following lectures:

Bright Sparks

The hair raising story of Electricity

What do frogs and cola drinks have in common?
When was electricity discovered?
Why did Galvani and Volta fall out?
Can you make your own battery?

Energy and forces

Fantastic Physics

Standing on the floor, what force does the floor feel?
Pulling hair? Magnetism and Rollercoasters?
Can you make a human battery?

Fantastic physics explores all these ideas and more, it can be adapted to suit children from 4 – 12 years.

Science is a rollercoaster

Learn about energy and forces and perhaps change the way you think about the fairground forever!

RDS Science Live Series 2007

Colourful Chemistry

From Robert Boyle to today – a whistle stop tour of gases & the states of matter, density, acids and bases, chromatography, crystals, forensics, and much more.

The Mystery of Flight

Science or Magic

What is flying?
Air Air – Is there anything there?
Lighter than air flight
How do aircraft fly – magic or science?
Bernoulli -vs- Newton

RDS Science Live Series 2007

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    Each workshop last 45 minutes and can cater for up to 30 students.

    Each Demo lecture lasts 60 minutes and can cater to up to 120 students.

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