Greystones Midterm Camp 2024

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1 Day Camp 7th of May

2 Days of camp  9th – 10th May

3 Days of camp 8th – 10th May

4 Day Camp 7th – 10th of May

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 (Primary school age)

Primary Science Camp - Roald Dahl inspired 2024

People often ask us what science inspired by Roald Dahl books is all about so basically what it is is experiments that have come to our minds when we read the books, and the science behind them. Many years ago, as a recent science graduate, I was employed as a development chemist by Cadbury's. So instead of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory it was Christine and the Chocolate Factory. This proves that you don't have to find the golden ticket to get a job in a chocolate factory. The experiments for this book are a combination of inspiration from my work experience and of course the Roald Dahl book. The Twits and the science associated with them is enough material for many a pHD! After a number of years working for Cadbury's I moved to Loctite - of superglue fame. The children will make a biodegradable glue to stick the Twits to the ceiling and we will also include some electronics so the Twits have a light in their house. Jen, Alison and Michael all have experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. When making George's Marvellous Medicine we are going to find out about nutrition and make a delicious cold soup among other things. For us, James and the Giant Peach has 2 different scientific strands associated with it. The first is about flight - could you make a peach fly. Then there are the bugs who help him escape - what a great opportunity for some entomology. The Enormous Crocodile has inspired some Herpetology  - to find out what that is you will have to come along to our camp! Do your children need to be familiar with these stories before the camp? Not at all. Each day we will take a few minutes to introduce and summarize the book. Then we will get on with the experiments.
1-Day Camp will involve Georges Marvelous Medicine, Making Colour Families and much more!
Please let us know about allergies, educational and dietary needs. We dont feed the children but often we use food items in our experiments as for most they are safe materials to work with. If there is a child with an allergy in the group then we replace the allergen with another material or in some cases replace the entire activity.

We want everyone to enjoy science so if your child has any additional needs please do let us know so we can do our best to create a comfortable environment for everyone.
  • Camp Details

  • We aim to have a few simple rules which everyone can understand. These are as follows:

    Instructions from the leaders must be obeyed.

    Everyone must be safety conscious at all times.

    No one is allowed to leave the venue without permission from the leaders.

  • Safety Glasses

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