February Midterm Camp


15th – 19th Feb

5 Day Camp, 2 zoom sessions per day
10:00 – 10:45 & 12:00 – 12:45

All our online sessions will be delivered via Zoom, in small private meetings; you will be sent an invitation via email the night before each session.

You will receive a pack of specialist materials in the post before the sessions commence.

This camp will cover 2 topics - Water and Microbiology. Each day we will have one microbiology workshop and one water workshop. In the water experiments we will investigate surface tension, absorbency, jelly bears in water and the different states of water. In the microbiology experiments we will investigate the conditions for microbial growth, natural antimicrobials, learn about the shapes of bacteria and their different parts
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    We have a no refunds policy for these workshops. You may transfer your ticket to another participant. Please ensure that you supply us with contact details for the other participant.

    Cancellation by Anyone 4 Science
    Anyone 4 Science reserves the right to cancel camps, clubs and workshops where the number of children booked is not sufficient to make the event viable. We aim to give as much notice as possible. Normally a warning email will be sent 2 weeks before the camp start date advising clients that there is a possibility that a camp might be cancelled. A final decision date is then agreed with all concerned.