Facebook Live Summer Camp August 10th – 14th


We are delighted to announce that you can enjoy our interactive Harry Potter themed hands-on summer camp via Facebook live. 

 Before the camp, we will post a pack of specialist materials to you.

You will need to supply some readily available household items. We will supply a list in your kit.

Camp will run from Monday - Friday with sessions @ 10:00-10:45 and 12:00-12:45

All sessions will take place in a closed Facebook group for which we will send you an invitation when you book.

During each workshop there will be leaders online to answer questions and help everyone.

At camp you will take the magic or muggle test, make potions, do some transfigurations, make a wand, do some herbology, investigate invisibility, flight  and much more.........

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  • In the unlikely event of a customer wishing to cancel, our policy is as follows: In the first instance, we try to accommodate the child at another week. If neither possible nor convenient the following conditions apply:

    In the event of your child being ill we will give 100% refund for any days on which they cannot attend camp upon production of a doctor's note.

    If the cancellation is for other reasons a €20 administration fee will apply.