Facebook Live Science Club June (4 weeks)


4 weeks of online activities, (Tuesdays and repeated Thursdays each week). Each activity will include an extension for older kids. Classes will begin on Facebook Live for junior at 2.00pm Extension class for seniors at 2.40pm This will be a 4 week (half) term and cost €25 per family. This term the class will focus on Supermarket Science. All classes will be taught through a series of fun, hands-on experiments and investigations. Term dates: June 2nd and 4th, June 9th and 11th June 16th and 18th June 23rd and 25th NB: If the schools return during this period, our live stream will continue at the later time of 7.00pm, and we will offer credit to customers returning to a regular After School Club.

  • Club Details

  • Cancellation by Customer - Ongoing clubs

    Where the customer changes their mind in advance of the term starting a refund will be issued minus an administration fee of €30.

    If a child is unable to attend due to illness we try to accommodate the child at an online class in the same week.

    In the event of a red weather warning, closure due to Covid-19  or other force majeure any classes that are unable to go ahead in the venue will be held at the regular time in our Zoom classroom.

    If we have to cancel a class for other reasons the class will be  rescheduled.