Additional Kit for Spring Term 2022 (Online) (Copy)


This kit is only to be bought in addition to Science Clubs Spring 2022 Online

The Spring term will run for 12 weeks commencing the Week of January 10th and finishing Week of April 4th.

Additional kits €60 are supplied where all children will be joining via the one connection/device. A discounted price of €36 applies until 31/01/2022.

You will need to supply some readily available household items. A list will be provided.

Activities included are:

Human Physiology

For the first part of this term the children will learning about Human Physiology.

What is blood made of?
How do your lungs work?
Our hearts pump blood. What is a pump? Could you make one?
How do our eyes work. What is a lens? Could you make one?
What is happening in your brain?
Skin - under the microscope
Learn how the kidneys work and make a working model

This term is especially suited to children who have an aspiration to work in healthcare - doctors, nurses, etc.


The second part of the term will focus on Electricity.
Circuits, making lights light, making switches and then using our knowledge to make an electronic quiz game.

All classes will be taught through a series of fun, hands-on experiments and investigations.

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