Additional Kit for Autumn Term (Online)


This kit is only to be bought in addition to Science Clubs Autumn 2021 Online

The Autumn term will run for 14 weeks commencing the Week of September 6th and finishing Week of December 17th.

Additional kits €42 are supplied where all children will be joining via the one connection/device.

You will need to supply some readily available household items. A list will be included.

Activities included are:

Chemistry, Christmas & more.....

Did you know that in 2008 copper was recognized as the first antimicrobial metal? This term will focus on some of the elements of the periodic table. We have selected 6 elements and each week you will learn about and do an experiment relating to one.

At the end of term you will make some science gifts. You can give them to someone for Christmas or just have a little treat for yourself.

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