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The Brilliance of Mendeleev

Mendeleev, a Russian Chemist, constructed The Periodic Table of Elements in 1869. This table lays the foundation for modern chemistry. It presents the fabrics of the universe – the chemical elements.  The Periodic Table shows the elements in order of Atomic Number(the number of protons their atoms have). The elements are also in Periods (columns) […]

Home Made Bath Bombs- What is the science behind it?

Homemade bath bombs, what is the science ? fun science for kids at home

What is the science behind bath bombs? This week in science club we had great fun making home made bath bombs. Did you know that lots of science is involved in the making of bath bombs? Bath bombs work through an acid-base reaction. They are made by mixing together two very reactive chemicals, bread soda […]

European Maker Week 2018- how to get involved

EU Maker Week 2018 Fun hands on workshops for primary schools through maths, engineering and science

This Week is European Maker Week. ‘What is that?’- You might ask. European Maker Week runs from the 12th to the 19th of May and is a week dedicated to celebrating makers and innovators all across Europe. We are celebrating this European Maker Week in our science clubs by making bath salts in our cosmetic […]