DNA Sean

At this one day workshop the children will have fun doing age appropriate forensic science experiments and using these skills to solve a mystery.

The camp runs from 10 am until 3 pm

Camp Rules

We aim to have a few simple rules which everyone can understand. These are as follows:

Instructions from the leaders must be obeyed.

Everyone must be safety conscious at all times.

No one is allowed to leave the venue without permission from the leaders.


Cost: €45 per child (with discounts for multiple bookings- €85.50 for 2 children, €114.75 for 3 children) 

Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Age Groups: Picos- (4-6 yrs), Nanos- (7-10 yrs), Micro (11-12 yrs)

    PicoScientists (4-6 year olds) will learn about liquids, primary colors, mixing and separating colors. They will take their finger prints. Foot and paw prints will be investigated. Acid base testing will be introduced. A mystery will be solved.

    NanoScientists (7-9 year olds) will learn about inks and food dyes and how to separate them. Fingerprinting and prints will be investigates. The child’s will learn about indicators and acid base testing. They will be introduced to DNA and its use in crime scene.  CSI crime investigation.

    MicroScientists (10-12 year olds) will learn about DNA and will extract some from fruit. They will make a DNA model.
    The children will learn about identifying chemicals using solubility, starch tests, acid base testing.  CSI Crime scene.

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